About Us

Our Icon Worldwide Agency was founded in 2013, and since then we are trying to make our Clients more happy and confident!


Help get your profile out there in the world

Apply for Auditions

We help you get into audtions you thought you could never get in to.

Get Discovered

We add you to our database that is shared around the world with booking agents.


Over 8 Years


Best Possible Service

We offer outstanding support and services reflected over years of experience in the entertainment field.


Artist Agency

We are known worldwide of helping our artist get exposure and also the back up support that you deserve.

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Talent Individuals

We treat each of our clients as 1. We ensure you feel we are giving you the right management.


Hiring Professionals

Our team is highly experienced in hiring the right team for you.


Fast & Efficient

Our turnover is quick. We keep you update with everything as it happens.

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